This article is a sequel to the previous article, “Is there a Link between Personal Excellence and Morality?” which conceptualized the two phenomena, and investigated whether there exists any link between them. To strengthen this position that there could possibly be a relationship between the two, the following questions were posed to the respondents:


Q10: The tenth question was “How does the Christian moral dilemma affect your general life performance?” The following unedited responses ensued: “Because some right things are hard to do except with the grace of God, e.g. cheating in the exam hall”, “Negatively”, “Not handling it well jeopardizes effectiveness and fulfillment”, “Negligible”, “Demoralizes one”.


Q11: The eleventh question: “What is the positive effect of morality on personal performance and effectiveness?” The following were the responses that ensued, “Morality stands you out”, “It makes one stand on the good side of the law”, “Makes one close to God and vice versa”, “Makes one take heed to what is right by doing it”.


Q12: The twelfth question went like this: “Is it possible to be moral and excellent as a Christian at the same time?” The following responses were elicited, “Yes”, “Yes, it is very possible”, “Yes, but morality should not be the priority”, “In my own opinion, they are complementary, so definitely YES!”, “YES, morality does not make you a Christian, but Christians are moral beings”, “I believe it is possible”, “YES”, “YES, it is very possible to be moral and excellent as a Christian by the grace of God”.


Q13: Now to the thirteenth question which asked respondents, “Do you need to be morally upright or perfect to perform effectively in your job, task, studies or endeavor?” the following responses were elicited. They include, “If effectiveness and good results are desired, YES”, “Uprightness is necessary. Perfection is what we work towards. As a Christian, God’s hand in your work will make you stand out”, “YES”, “YES”, “YES”.


Q14: To the fourteenth question, “How do you cope with or manage moral dilemmas, so they don’t interfere with your performance?” the following responses were elicited, which include: “Ask God to help you”, “You take tough decisions to follow the right path”, “By depending on the Holy Spirit”, “Praying for the unction of the Spirit, dedication to the cause of God, discipline”, “By knowing and doing what is right”.


Q15: “What could be done to boost Christian performance?” was the fifteenth question, and the following responses were generated: “More of God’s word and study, and mostly ACTION! Choosing to stand despite all”, “Improve in knowledge of the word of God. Depend on the Holy Spirit”, “Avoid moral dilemmas and evangelize the word of God to the society”, “We need to start shining, being examples so that others will see it and have a change of mind and do the same”, “Let the Christian know what they have taken up (The Great Commission)”, “Try to understand who they are in Christ”.


Q16: “What is the role of the ‘human will’ in morality?” was the next question, and the respondents gave the following responses: “It empowers morality because it is your decision to either do what is right or wrong”, “Human will is always tending towards evil. But a person of good morals may still be evil in his/her thought because he/she is totally human”, “Human will is of high importance in the issue of morality”, “It has a major role to play, particularly in decisions and sticking to them. When a sense of what is right and wrong is established, the human will helps in sticking to what is right”.


Q17: “What is your view of the world morally?” was the seventeenth question and these were responses generated: “The world’s moral standard is very low”, “There’s a high sense of moral decadence and our value system or ethical framework is becoming increasingly warped”, “The world as we know it is getting less moral everyday”, “The ‘world’ are those that indulge in sin”, “Average”, “It is complicated”.


Q18: To the final question, the eighteenth, “Do you think the world is a morally conflicting, complex, complicated or easy world?” the following responses were elicited, “Complicated”, “Conflicting, because many things are confusing these days”, “All of the above but definitely not ‘easy’ ”, “Complicated”, “The world is full of complications morally”, “Conflicting”, “I think it is most of the first three, nevertheless for some it is ‘easy’. Whichever it is, one is largely a function of his actions, attitude, and disposition”, “I think the world is morally complicated”.


Hence, from the responses to the questions asked above, it can be concluded that there is a certain degree of relationship between Personal Excellence and Morality.


Culled from the book Christian Excellence and Morality

By Henry Weiss






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