This article is written and published in the interest of the public, especially for the morally-conscious, performance-driven, and proudly Christian individuals. It enhances ethical reasoning based on the inerrant, authoritative, word of God, and emphasizes the role morality plays in boosting individual performances in life. Case studies in moral issues will be addressed in the book titled Christian Excellence and Morality, and reader is expected to reconcile these with personal values in order to prepare for taking responsibility for their conduct in the world. The book also sets out to resolve the moral burden or dilemmas of the Christian, empowering her to pursue excellence in all her endeavors in the world.


There is this weapon we all possess. Yes, a potent tool in our hands, with which we could hew our way through the hardness and harshness of life and achieve virtually anything. But, the sad story is that some of us do not know the potency of this tool and what it can do for us. Some crop of people surely knows what significance this tool holds in life general, yet they are not able to make headway with it. It’s like they encounter a stumbling block on their way of using the tool in question. Yet another set of people exists, though quite few, who knows the essence of this weapon and possess the know-how of it. In short, they have gained experience in the constant use of it, and therefore know how to utilize it to achieve whatever they want to. Nothing stands in the way of these lucky ones. For them, it is a free highway to a world of accomplishments.


This tool spells the difference between the successful and the non-successful; the great, near great and the no great at all; the achievers and non-achievers, the list is endless. What is this tool? It is the Human Will. Others prefer to call it the Willpower. Surely, it is the power to do. However, a group of people around the world – Christians to be precise – is constantly drawn into a battle of keeping their Will intact. They strive so hard to win but it is not always easy for them, and so they suffer a lot of casualties on the way. The Christian is supposed to be a beacon of light to his or her world in every aspect. But, most times Christians fail miserably in this high expectation. And so we are left to wonder, what is wrong? The problem is not far-fetched; it has to do with the Will of that Christian above all idle wish to succeed.


That is why this book has been so carefully crafted and invented to step in and intervene in the situation most Christians find themselves. If you aren’t enjoying the kind of success you crave for even though you may be quite successful, then you most probably need this book. Do make sure to read it in its rightful order from start to finish because it is like a scientific solution furnished to a scientific problem such that if one aspect is left out or read haphazardly, it will adversely affect the kind of result you get at the end of the day.

Therefore, read and re-read this book and the scriptures supplied in it with an open mind, clean heart, and right spirit, and you will be richly rewarded.


Culled from the book Christian Excellence and Morality

By Henry Weiss







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