Welcome to the Morally Confusing World, a topsy-turvy world indeed! It is a world where truth is dumped in the trashcan, and lies are celebrated; where sound morals, integrity and noble character are persistently scorned, while immorality is imbibed and extolled to high heavens; where the morally conscious and upstanding are ridiculed, and the depraved are empowered. It’s a world where “Freedom of Speech” is used as a screen for filth and vulgarism, and a hammer against godly virtue, sometimes under the cloak of religion.  It’s a world where politicians embezzle public funds and get away with it; as if that’s not enough, they are even granted bail and released under lenient conditions, and applauded by swarming supporters celebrating and welcoming their ‘hero’ back from a traumatic prison experience.


It’s a world where clergymen demonstrate to their teeming multitudes: “Do as I say and not as I live”. It’s a world where youths are hell-bent on the craze for quick wealth, indulging in atrocious acts in a bid to enjoy crass materialism, impress their friends and oppress their foes. It’s a world where businessmen thrash sound business ethics in the face of short-term profits and earnings. It’s a world where students whittle down the ivory towers of intellectual honesty that promote high academic standards and originality of work, research and knowledge explosion, sustainable civilization and societal development, sense of professionalism and career advancement, creativity and innovation of tangible products and services solving real life problems; industry, diligence, and enterprise, etc., but succumb to base practices of cheating and plagiarism of research work.


Culled from the book Christian Excellence and Morality

By Henry Weiss


Visit: https://www.amazon.com/author/henryweiss

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/henryweissblog

Email: henryweiss12@gmail.com


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