Paul the Apostle made mention of a law antagonistic to the law of his mind in Rom7v23, “But I see a different law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity under the law of sin which is in my members”; moral relativism (the belief that defining right and wrong is an individual and personal choice, denying the presence of absolute law) is one of those laws in our members which urges us to do what seems right to us (Prov14v12).


Benjamin Franklin, a man of integrity and proven character and one of America’s founding fathers, set a goal of moral perfection for himself but failed miserably realizing finally that the task he gave himself was a humanly impossible one.  Even Nigerian Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, had this to say in his growing up years, “If somebody did something I considered unjust, I felt that the world really had collapsed around me, had derailed and was spiraling out of control.”


Albert Einstein, foremost 20th century scientist also alluded to the fact saying, “Morality is of the highest importance”. Billy Graham, America’s most popular televangelist, had this to say, “If you lose your wealth, you have lost nothing; if you lose your health, you have lost something; if you lose your integrity, you have lost everything”. The truth is everyone grapples with the morality issue since we are all moral agents, but the top question is how do you manage, cope with, and overcome the moral burden that confronts you?


Culled from the book Christian Excellence and Morality

By Henry Weiss






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